“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.”

Bette Davis

Her words leave an indelible mark on the spirited lovers of France’s sparkly wine, born holy and baptized royal. Throughout the history of times, wine has been a preferred beverage but only champagne is at the heart of every celebration.  From the earliest days of Christianity, before the Middle Ages, the French vineyards of Champagne were entirely in the hands of the monasteries.  It’s place in history was secured as the land of Kings when a warrior named Clovis was crowned the first king of France and the wine used in the Consecration was a Champagne wine.  But it wasn’t until the 17th century when a local monk by the name of Dom Perignon, began mastering the natural effervescence of the local wine by pruning the vines and blending crus and grape varieties, that the bubbly wine we know today appeared.  It is the love of champagne that united world powers, toasting the signing of important historical treaties and being the rigueur at royal weddings and every other great ceremony.  Today, as Champagne for Life looks forward to its most successful year, we pick seven spectacular places to enjoy champagne… and seven quirky facts to pop along.

Cape Sounio, Athens Riviera, Greece

The wonders of ancient Greece converge with a chic, cosmopolitan coastline dotted with villas atop this promontory by the Aegean Sea. The 1928 Krug vintage is stupendous and did you know it was created by a woman?

Amirandes, Crete, Greece

A treasured holiday hotspot for footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his ex-girlfriend, Russian model Irina Shayk.  Irina loved her champagne but not as much as Marilyn Monroe, who once used 350 bottles of Dom Perignon to bathe in.

Dusit Thani, The Maldives

The aquamarine waters of Mudhdhoo Island inspire the most discerning individuals like Tony Blair and pop sensation Lulu.  Did you know: the tulip shaped flute is the best glass to drink champagne from because it perfectly accentuates the carefully balanced flavours.

Koubba Bar, Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a tantalizing place and has a unique ability to lead us astray.  Enrapture is the word to best describe waking up to a £100,000 bill on Louis Roederer Cristal‎. Did you know that champagne is not champagne unless it is made with grapes from Champagne, France?

Villa Las Tronas, , Sardinia

The Italian Mafia formed here – do you need another reason to pop a bottle of bubbly? But be careful: the pressure inside a bottle can launch a cork up to 100mph.

Sivory, Dominican Republic

Bill Gates loves the Dominican Republic and has invested millions in biodiversity and renewable energy schemes here. Just like the millions he’s donated, there are over one million bubbles in a single glass of champagne, according to scientist Gerard Liger-Belair.

Vertigo Moon Bar, Bangkok

Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis fell in love with Bangkok during the filming of the second Hangover film. The classic champagne coupe was adapted from a wax model of the breast of Marie Antoinette and the cast can be seen drinking from the glass in the movie.