Meet Silver Fast – the award-winning superyacht that’s fast, sexy and eco-friendly

A gunmetal paint job emphasises her sleek lines, subtly reinforcing the tremendous aerodynamics and speed of this ocean-piercing behemoth. Silver Fast is her name. And the £57m superyacht was the most talked-about vessel at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.

At the annual yachting bonanza, Silver Fast won the Finest New Yacht Award despite her slender size of 77 metres, which is much smaller than many other superyachts. It has clearly bucked the trend which has seen luxury yachts grow by a total of 374 meters in a year, according to Camper & Nicholsons.  And it’s not the only way Silver Fast has become a counter-intuitive piece of boat-building genius.

The superfast, aluminium yacht can do a few remarkable things. Firstly, it can travel from Australia to Europe in three weeks with only one fuel stop, cruising at 20 knots and reaching a top speed of 27 knots (14mph). She comes equipped with a state-of-the-art, night-time mode which has a built in daylight sensitivity feature, automatically putting the ship on an autopilot mode of 18 knots.

This is all thanks to its quantum zero-speed stabilizers, navel technology used to balance and – and yep, you guessed it – stabilise large yachts in choppy waters. For a ship that’s half the size of a London tube train, it’s speed, coupled with low fuel consumption and advanced technology, is impressive.

Silver Fast has “a lot of character,” says Espen Oeino, who designed Silver Fast and many other well-known superyachts.  Designed by Oeino and built by Australian shipyard Silver Yachts, Silver Fast is a state-of-the-art nautical masterpiece.  An outdoor cinema and glass-fronted, eight-person jacuzzi at the bow of the ship are among its best leisure features.

Contemporary designer furnishings by luxury German brand Vain Interiors provide the tasteful, timeless interior design that Silver Yachts owner Guido Krass, described as “outstanding”.

But the aesthetics are nothing compared to the vision of Oeino, who built a superyacht that was ecological by design, and beautiful by default.