Chez les Fatien: Chasing perfection

Lucy Self, Editor at large explores Burgundy's delights.

Happiness is so often ephemeral and so the endless search for triggers to create this emotion and then the subsequent ceaseless nostalgia that is related with retaining it. Yet happiness and the perfection of a moment is not easily attainable; it is such an illusive goal that we frequently seek for unflawed moments and even when it is achieved it is often such a fleeting passing moment that we barely have the time to really appreciate it ; eventually we must find intrinsic ways to make it last, photos, memorandums and occasionally sharing with friend who serve as witnesses to the moment but they are poor substitutes to the actual moment. Sometimes we find beautiful places that can contribute to encouraging this longed for emotion and for me Chez Les Fatien, was exactly that instant.


Burgundy has such a rich heritage that I was in awe and the chance to visit the ‘soul of wine’. Its natural beauty and wildness is counter balanced by the stunning and extremely charming villages, which often feature one or two stately ‘bourgeois’ homes, or in certain cases a small chateau from the 17th or 18th Century.

Beaune is the true heart of Burgundy and must be visited by any connoisseur but is also exceptional for the amateur as I discovered. Everything revolves around the Hospices de Beaune, the pure gastronomic talent behind every dish served and the obvious traditional recipes: the famous ‘escargots’ snails, the ubiquitous  beef bourguignon, the jambon persillé….the culinary delights are endless, not to mention the astounding and almost heavenly elixirs of the wine!

Maison Fatien

Maison Fatien

I had the unique chance to stumble upon and be welcomed to the house of the Famille Fatien, which is niched in the Rue Sainte Marguerite in the heart of the Beaune. Each of the distinctive rooms are divinely decorated with immaculate taste and style. Luxury is paramount to the Fatien Family,  with the sheet, linen and mattress exported from the same distributer of the 7* luxury hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai.  Peace, tranquillity reign with luxury and sumptuous elegance.

The true surprise, however, is the exploration of the Fatien Cave… cellar, as some of the best wines of Burgundy are created by the Maison Fatien & Fils.

Cellar of the Maison Fatien

Cellar of the Maison Fatien

This labyrinth of underground cellar, houses the treasured wine created by the charming son Charly Fatien who is creating a stir with his perfect creations that even the wine industry is sitting up and taking notice. Charly Fatien is hailed as creating one of the best wines in Burgundy and the successor of Henri JAYER, who was certainly one the greatest French vintner, credited with introducing the most important innovations to Burgundian winemaking. Charly follows in the steps of this legend. Explore, taste, learn and become enchanted by this stunning unique and highly talented family. I left seduced by the aura and magic of the location, but even more importantly I felt I belonged. In a rare and perfect moment, I left knowing I had found something exceptional.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. This is exactly what the Famille Fatien have achieved.

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