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It’s a doggy-dog world out there, a fierce battle against the tic and toc of the clock, anything goes from desperately seeking the fountain of youth in the spas of Shangri-la, feeding fresh blood to stashing a scary portrait in the attic. No measure seems extreme enough when it comes to meeting the demands of a ruthlessly agist industry and society. We all get caught up in the plight, exploring the latest anti-ageing creams, techniques and sometimes, the wackiest crazes to maintain our youthful glow. A-listers and commoners alike dance to the rhapsody of bizarre alternative panaceas in the name of ageless beauty – anything from growth hormones, vampire masks, bull’s semen, bee stings, leeches to flesh-eating fish.

Take one of the latest treatments trending in high-end spas – nightingale excrement. Hailed as the hottest beauty wonder product, it is collected from the Japanese island of Kyushu. Better known as ‘Uguisi no fun’ it has been used as a skin toner and mask in Korea and Japan since the Dark Ages. Dried under UV lights, the nighingale poo is then mixed with a rice bran and water, then applied to the face. Victoria Beckham discovered it during a visit to Japan and has been using the bird droppings mask ever since. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is said to add a sting to her beauty treatment with wasp venom.



Victoria Beckham’s nightingale droppings mask – Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge’s bee stings – Demi Moore leech therapy.

By tricking the skin into thinking it’s been stung by a bee, the venom appears to heal acne scars and boost collagen. Demi Moore swears by an ancient cure-all therapy – she goes to a medical spa in Austria where she is dipped in turpentine, and once the stinging stops, highly trained medical leeches are strategically placed on her body to feast on her blood. The leech therapy is part of the spa’s cleanse detox treatment. Apparently, the slimy critters release enzymes whilst sucking into the flesh that is believed to optimise health.

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley, Pharrell Williams and Jared Leto have all seemingly discovered the fountain of youth. They bare little to no signs of ageing over the past decade and while many are known to have resorted to plastic surgery, these A-list celebrities are still sporting glowing taut skin without going under the knife. What’s in their secret potions ? Growth hormones, bull’s semen or nightingale excrement ?


Angelina Jolie’s eternal beauty

Some of Hollywood’s glitterati may jet off to visit a famous dear friend on Big Pig Island in Angra dos Reis in Brazil for a quick fresher-upper between films. The truth is, anything they do is best kept top secret. A-lister’s are not likely to be seen sitting in a clinic waiting room among the general population nor would they risk being spotted by the papparrazzi walking out clad in oversized sunglasses and bandages.


Jennifer Lopez hasn’t aged a day in fifteen years

Having an entire entourage to tend to their wellness, beauty and fitness needs is one of the many luxuries A-listers can afford. Victoria Beckham never travels without her hairdresser while Madonna keeps her personal trainer at arms reach. Most won’t make a public appearance without dialling their make-up artist for an at-home session first.


The Dallas Buyers Club star age-defying boyish looks

Celebrities may have a field day sharing their wackiest alternative beauty tips with the press but when it comes to tweakings, snippings and plumpings, they are more likely to emerge from a holiday in the French Riviera’s iconic Hotel Le Negresco surprisingly fresh-faced than bare their secrets to the public. Aesthetics Confidential is the rising star among discerning A-list celebrities and high-powered folk who want to keep their youth enhancing elixirs tightly tucked under their belts. You won’t find their services advertised online unless you’re in the right circles of high-flyers swapping in-the-know numbers by word of mouth or have the right contacts at a VIP concierge service company based in London. Only then can you access Aesthetics Confidential’s highly confidential website via a secure login page.



French Riviera Fountain of youth – Hotel Le Negresco and the exclusive clinic just steps away

Once on the website, clients have their pick of the latest technology in surgical and non-surgical treatments performed by renown cosmetic surgeons. A consultation is arranged in any of their clinics in London, Paris and Nice where a combination of the latest treatments are tailored-made to meet the patient’s needs and expectations. The patient has direct contact with their surgeon 24/7 with full pre-procedure medical evaluations and personalized follow-up. A Personal Patient Assistant arranges all travel, hotel bookings – a big time favourite is Hotel Le Negresco, where daily after-care is provided by qualified multi-lingual nursing staff, a personal butler and private chauffeur, masseuse, hairstylists are just a bell-ring away.


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