Richard Ellis from Hedonism Wines outlines his tipple tips of the season and how to accessorise them.

The Cigar Corner

cigar-for-the-bar-cartPuffing on a Cuban is not a process to be rushed. It needs a suitable environment, a suitable drink and the right mood. It accessorises well with good news. There’s clearly a great deal that can go wrong, so we asked the boys at Davidoff for their guidance and they picked something for us that is packed full of flavour.

“The Davidoff Nicaragua should be enjoyed slowly. The smaller the cut, the more intense the flavours. A wider opening will reduce intensity. As soon as the cigar touches the flame, complex and intense flavours of oak and toast are present. Soon, sweet milk coffee notes come in leaving a long and enjoyable aftertaste. This will be followed by flavours of chilli, dark chocolate and black coffee, paired with a creamy aftertaste to stimulate the palate. Finally, with the roasted flavours still present, a slight bitterness conjures up an unforgettable ending.”

Content donated by Brett Gregory-Peake, Director at Adoreum.

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